Network Terms of Service

Engage W&L/GivePulse allows you, as a user, to search for opportunities posted by Washington and Lee University (the “University”) and/or community organizations, as well as register for events, programs, sessions, etc. offered by W&L and local community organizations. This platform is both a tool for searching for engagement opportunities and a resource for recording and tracking engagement activities.

W&L makes no representations or warranties regarding the organizations that use the database, and W&L specifically disclaims any responsibility to investigate or otherwise assess the organizations that post opportunities using Engage W&L/GivePulse and/or the nature of the volunteer work involved. W&L is not responsible for any acts or omissions of the organizations that use Engage W&L/GivePulse.

The provision of information through Engage W&L/GivePulse does not indicate sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation of any organization or activity included in Engage W&L/GivePulse by the University. It is your responsibility as a user to exercise your own independent due diligence and take all necessary precautions when pursuing and accepting volunteer opportunities, including checking the credentials and integrity of an organization. When completing any form on the database, you assume all responsibility for the data you release. When completing these forms, you should never share confidential personal information, such as social security numbers or credit card details.

By using Engage W&L/GivePulse, you, without reservation, and on behalf of yourself, your heirs, and your estate, agree to hold harmless and indemnify W&L, its officers, trustees, agents, and employees, including, but not limited to, any employee involved in any activity or event that you register for using Engage W&L/GivePulse, from any claim or liability of whatever nature arising out of, or in any way related to your use of Engage W&L/GivePulse and/or your participation in any activity or event that was facilitated through your use of Engage W&L/GivePulse, including, but not limited to, injury, loss, damage, accident, medical or other expense from any cause whatsoever, unless the University is grossly negligent.

The organizations on Engage W&L/GivePulse may have their own policies and procedures to which you may be required to adhere in addition to University policy.

You authorize the information provided to or contained in Engage W&L/GivePulse, including but not limited to, first name, last name, phone number, address, and email address, to be viewed by all persons who will be supervising the volunteer activities for which you have registered through Engage W&L/GivePulse, including community organization staff and Engage W&L/GivePulse administrators.

You understand that as a member of the W&L community, your use of Engage W&L/GivePulse is governed by University policies and applicable laws. Your use of Engage W&L/GivePulse and the W&L network constitutes your agreement to abide by these policies and laws.

The following applies to the extent that you are traveling or spending time away from campus to participate in a community-based learning activity or event that you registered for through Engage W&L/GivePulse and that is (a) related to a W&L course, or (b) is otherwise sponsored or organized by W&L:

Agreement of Responsible Travel
Traveling and studying away from campus incurs certain risks. These risks are minimized by the exercise of reasonable care, which includes a knowledge of and adherence to all safety considerations and guidelines for the locality to which you are traveling, and familiarizing yourself with various local conditions/situations that may impact your study and living environment. While traveling off-campus, you assume responsibility for your own health and safety. You are agreeing to travel responsibly, to adhere to our Honor System, and to represent W&L well in both your professional and personal conduct.

Conditions of Participation
Acknowledgement of Risk and Statement of Responsibility. My participation in this activity is voluntary. I acknowledge that there are risks inherent in traveling away from campus and I agree to assume and accept all risks and responsibility for my health, safety, and property while participating. Without reservation, and on behalf of myself, my heirs, and my estate, I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Washington and Lee University ("the University"), its officers, trustees, agents, and employees, including, but not limited to, any employee accompanying or directing this program, from any claim or liability of whatever nature arising out of, or in any way related to my participation, including, but not limited to, injury, loss, damage, accident, medical or other expense from any cause whatsoever (including but not limited to, sickness, accident, weather, act or omission of a common carrier, landlord, hotel, restaurant, private or government internship provider, or other agency or entity) unless the University is grossly negligent. If not arranged by the University, I understand that I am responsible for making all arrangements for my housing and travel. I understand and acknowledge that if I do any personal travel or participate in side trips (before, during, or after the program), I do so at my own risk and the University will not be responsible for any additional costs, damages, injuries, or losses related to my personal travel.

I will comply with the University's policies and standards for conduct that apply to me, with all expectations of the department or entity sponsoring this activity, and with the laws of any locality to which I travel. I agree to follow the instructions and guidelines given to me. I understand that alcohol abuse or other substance abuse will be considered a serious offense and will be addressed accordingly. I understand and agree that if I violate any of these terms, or otherwise demonstrate behavior that is detrimental to the reputation of the University or disruptive to the purpose of the trip/program, the University may cancel my participation. I further agree, if/as applicable, to participate in all orientation activities offered by faculty member/program director, the sponsoring department, or community partner entity, and to participate in an evaluation of my off-campus study experience.

Ability to Participate, Disability Accommodations, Medical Information, Insurance and Consent to Treatment.
I represent that I am physically and mentally able, with or without accommodation, to participate in this activity. If I am currently under medical and/or mental health treatment, I have consulted with my primary care physician and/or mental health provider about these plans and they agree that there are no contraindications to my participation in this program. I understand that it is my responsibility to have adequate health and accident insurance coverage at all times while participating, either through the W&L student insurance policy (if applicable) or another insurance policy. I agree to advance all necessary medical expenses. Should I require any medical treatment, I grant the University or those with whom the University may be in contact full authority to consent to whatever action they feel is warranted under the circumstances regarding my health and safety, including medical treatment or evacuation, all at my expense.

By consenting below, you agree to:
• Provide accurate and honest information about your education, achievements, and experience.
• Prepare to the best of your abilities and conduct yourself professionally.
• Register for an activity in good faith, with the full intention of honoring the commitment. If you encounter difficulty during the experiences or cannot honor your commitment for any reason, you agree to contact the W&L Community-Based Learning Office for assistance.
• Cancel any volunteer commitment with adequate notice of at least two business days and notify the community organization, W&L Community-Based Learning staff, and/or faculty member involved. If an emergency should arise and you are unable to honor your commitment, you will also contact the above-mentioned parties as soon as possible, as applicable. You understand that your absence impacts others and potentially prevents future opportunities for engagement and collaboration between W&L and the broader community.

W&L reserves the right to delete events and other content, as well terminate the accounts of users who violate use agreements and/or terms or conditions applicable to the use of Engage W&L. W&L reserves the right to discontinue Engage W&L services at any time and/or to revise the terms of this agreement. When these terms are revised, they will be posted on Engage W&L. These terms will be periodically reviewed to ensure compliance with broader University policy.

Contact the Office of Community-Based Learning with questions or concerns regarding this Terms of Service document.

If you have questions or concerns about privacy on Engage W&L, contact the Office of Community-Based Learning. Use of this platform is entirely voluntary. If you are enrolled in a course using this platform and you have serious objections to using this online service, the Office of Community-Based Learning will make alternative arrangements for your participation in the class-related activities.

Clicking “I agree” signifies that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions stated herein and acknowledge that this Terms of Service/Use Agreement shall be effective and binding upon you, your heirs, assigns, personal representatives and estate and all members of your family.