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Washington and Lee University provides a liberal arts education that develops students' capacity to think freely, critically, and humanely and to conduct themselves with honor, integrity, and civility. Graduates will be prepared for life-long learning, personal achievement, responsible leadership, service to others, and engaged citizenship in a global and diverse society.

Students: Join student groups, volunteer with local community organizations, and sign-up for events!

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Please Note: Not every engagement results in an impact. Impacts are recorded as community volunteer opportunities which include: time, money, goods, training hours, or other. Group activities will not show up on your engagement summary. A recording of student group meetings can be found under My Activities > Registrations.

Local Community Engagement

W&L’s affiliation with local community agencies does not indicate W&L’s sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation of any content or activity on those agencies’ pages. Likewise, those agencies' affiliation with W&L does not indicate their sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation of any content or activity on W&L’s pages.

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