The Vigil


The Vigil is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that amplifies the voices of marginalized students, alumni, faculty, and other individuals associated with Washington and Lee University. The Vigil was founded in 2017 by Dannick Kennon ('18) and Jake Sirota ('18) as the first progressive student magazine that centers on the experiences and perspectives of students on W&L's campus. They built this platform for the voices of individuals with minority and marginalized identities.
The Vigil amplifies the voices of individuals who experience injustices and difficulties that take place on W&L's campus. Additionally, The Vigil recognizes and celebrates the individuals and organizations that devote immense time and effort to create a more equitable and inclusive W&L. They will remain vigilant for the sake of the safety, health, and happiness of students, faculty, and alumni.
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